Friday, June 19th 2020
Salt Lake City, UT

Born to showcase the work produced by Film and Media Arts Students whose plans to share their films with friends, family and colleagues were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alone Together is determined to help film students find a platform where to professionally share their work, with the honor and attention that they deserve.

The organization goes beyond that, Alone Together seeks to serve not only as an online festival, but also as a year-round curated screening platform for student films, as well as a resource for film learners around the world.

︎ Announced today: 22 Student Films,  5 fictional narratives; 6 experimental or hybrid shorts; 4 animations; 5 documentaries; 1 video essay and 1 music video.

︎ 12 of the 22 films selected are directed by women (54%).

The festival will go live on July 1st (coinciding with Alice Guy-Blache’s birthday), running until July 5th. The panel of judges, who will be deciding the festival winners, will be announced on Saturday June 20th 2020 on the official Alone Together Website.

Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino (aka Also Sisters), founders of Alone Together, said:

«While this might be just the first edition of the festival, we are confident that the outstanding quality of the pieces selected will not only debunk the cliches associated with the well known statement “well, it’s a student film” but it will also contribute to the lifespan of a platform that ultimately seeks to champion new voices in cinema».


FICTIONAL FILMS [Narrative Shorts]
“June” by Sara Kenrick
“Milk and Other Secretions” by Mia Hunt
“Sugar Baby” by Leila Salari
“The End” by Sage Bennett
“The Scarlet Terror” by Ben Mortenson

DOCUMENTARY FILMS [Mediated Reality Shorts] “Can You See Me Now” by Thekla Hughes “Denzyl Joson Dances” by Sofia Guadarrama “Living Moneyless” by Beth Kearsley “Nine Days a Week” by Maliyamungu Muhande
“Turtle” by Jordan Boge

EXPERIMENTAL FILMS [Purely Experimental or Hybrid Shorts] “A Hickory Tree” by Brinton Douglas
“Drift” by Elizabeth Lowe “Metamorphoses, Book One” by Eduardo Ayres Soares “Sunshine Country Club: by Casey Segal
“TUBCake” by Bethany Joy Burr “Where the Heck is Goddamn Bologna” by Duke Ross

ANIMATION FILMS [Animated Shorts] “Fig. Undefined” by Hugo Vaca “I Met Charlie in the Springtime” by Chloe Hunt
“Limbo” by Emmelyn Redd
“Mel’s Magical Sandwiches” by Nathan Rice

NON TRADITIONAL FILM STYLES “First Reformed — Cinema of Denial” by Cameron Olsen “Soul” by Jacob Fabbri