Wednesday, July 1st 2020
Salt Lake City, UT


The first edition of Alone Together Fest is finally up and running and will be available for free for all visitors, from July 1st to July 5th (00:00h MST).

Coinciding with Alice Guy-Blaché’s birthday (July 1st), this festival showcases and honors the quality of projects produced by students while attending a Higher-Ed Institution in the US.

“It is our intention to show audiences that these films have, without a doubt, the same level of quality and care that we often see in professional expert-lead productions. As visitors will witness, these student films are well-crafted and  remarkably inspiring. Experienced filmmakers will feel encouraged (or challenged) to step up their game” 

~ Sonia and Miriam Albert-Sobrino. 

To access the film program, Alone Together offers audiences different ways to see these inspiring curated catalog of films. All for free!

Visitors can just head towards Alonetogether.site and scroll down to access the main film catalog. Those interested in seeing a specific film, can just click on a project by film’s title or director’s name and they will be directed to a specific piece. 

If what the visitor is looking for is more of a curated list, the fun starts by scrolling down a bit more to get access to a collection of the films organized and put together by the Also Sisters

Some Relevant Data

︎ Alone Together will like to explicitely thank its partners for their continued support: Thanks to the Utah Film Commission for supporting one of the film awards and helping us spread the word; FilmFreeway for providing with a platform to help filmmakers submit their work; and the University of Utah Film and Media Arts Department for fostering such a strong group of young filmmakers, many of which, are screening work as part this first edition of the festival. 

︎ 22 Student Films, 5 fictional narratives; 6 experimental or hybrid shorts; 4 animations; 5 documentaries; 1 video essay and 1 music video.

︎ 12 of the 22 films selected are directed by women (54%).

︎ The festival runs from July 1st to July 5th (MST).

︎ The panel of judges, an impressive group of filmmakers and educators, are tasked with difficult job of deciding this year’s winners.  

︎ The Award Winners Announcement will take place on July 10th at 6p, online, simultaneoulsy on both, the Official Instagram Profile Page and the Website. More to come on this! 

︎ All filmmakers, whose films were selected for this first edition, will be able to access (only upon request) the judges’ notes on their films. More information will be given to all filmmakers on a timely manner to all filmmakers. 

Alone Together thanks its partners for their continued support